How to Choose The Best Car Shipping Company?

You’re moving or you bought that dream car you always wanted or you just need to ship a car for whatever reason driving is not always an option and choosing the best car shipping company.

Auto transporters can be tricky and car shipping has changed a lot over the last few years whether you’re shipping by an enclosed or an open trailer you need to avoid a possible nightmare. If you go online and you search for car shippers in your area you will find hundreds of them that pop up on your browser and you can call or you can book it online but this is where the scams, the delays, and the overcharges can happen if you choose.

We’ll show you how to choose the correct auto shipper just about anywhere in America and how to choose a top company you can trust.

Keep reading to learn more about choosing the best car shipping company, and if you have any questions in the meantime, Near Movers car shipping advisors are available by live chat or phone anytime.

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What the Good Auto Transport Company You Pick Does?

Remember, before anything else happens you have to read their contract carefully before signing it. Question anything you do not understand and do not accept vague answers. Important questions should be answered in writing.

  • Doesn’t Give False Promises.

The industry is based on various moving parts. Any company that promises an exact day for delivery or pickup is trying to oversell you the service. Obviously stretching the truth. Many short-distance runs can be accurate to the day, however. If the vehicle is available right away, it’s fair to estimate for a couple of days to get picked up. (Unless you went expedited.)

Auto carriers travel about 300-500 miles a day. Be careful with over-ambitious delivery dates especially if a truck is not yet assigned. Some trucks have team drivers, which allow one to rest as the other drives, but there are few that do.

  • Make Sure You Leave Room for Error.

A good and experienced company will make sure if you are leaving room for error. That is done so they don’t miss you at the pickup location. They will suggest they schedule your auto transport. Typically it will be more than a day before (2-3 days is best) to allow room for delays.

That’s a big deal. Overambitious salespeople that aren’t properly trained make you think that this works with guaranteed dates and delivery times. There are various moving parts to this and it’s best to understand a date range that protects you.

  • They Provide an Inspection Report.

This is also known as the Bill of Lading. It will be necessary to have a copy at BOTH pickup and delivery. They will do a walk-around of the vehicle at the time they come to get it. Also, expect another at the time of delivery. By doing these inspections you can see if any damage happened along the way. Make sure you and the driver of the carrier sign each one. It is your only way to claim insurance if damage occurs.

  • Uses Seasoned Carriers / Drivers.

The auto shipper that’s been in business for 3 months may not know much. That means there could be little knowledge on how to make sure your transport is handled well. This will be evident in reviews. Customers will complain about damage very quickly on review sites.

Ask people about their car shipping experience

Do a quick Google search or ask around for car shipping experiences. This might help you find other people with experience shipping their car.

One way to do this is by reading reviews online. When looking at different car transporter company reviews, it’s important to pay attention to details. You should be wary of companies without any reviews at all and companies with a lot of negative reviews that mention the same issues.

You should look at websites such as Google, and. Typically, the best vehicle transport company will have a presence on all of the major review websites.
Look for reviews written by people like you. If, for instance, you need to ship a car that’s antique or particularly valuable, the most important reviews for you to read will be those left by people who were shipping classic cars, race cars, or other luxury vehicles.

It’s important to research a prospective auto transport company before booking by checking their reviews on independent third-party sites. It’s also smart to look at the average rating of reviews as well as the total number of reviews posted.

Look at the car shipping cost

Now transportation costs vary based on mileage of transport, the vehicle weight, the type and location, and of course whether it’s enclosed or open seasons and current demand in the market can also impact pricing oversized and inoperable vehicles they’re going to cost extra obviously no personal belongings can be in the vehicle.

Carriers pick jobs based on how much they get paid for that pickup so if the rate is low it’ll be hard to find a carrier even though they may promise you that’s a great deal carriers pick their jobs based on how much they get paid for that pickup if a rate is really low it may be hard to find.

An important thing to also keep in mind about cost is that small car transporter companies are likely to increase the cost of car shipping for cross-country shipping. Most likely, this is because they don’t often execute these types of longer routes and might not have the resources in place to fulfill your shipping order on time.

Value is just one more reason to go with a big vehicle transport company like Near Movers.

Give yourself some time to make a decision.

At this stage, you’ve likely received several different quotes. After combing through reviews, hearing other people’s experiences, and judging for yourself based on the research you’ve done: you should be able to answer some of these questions on your own.

How do I choose a vehicle transportation company?
How do I calculate the car shipping cost?
What’s the best car shipping company?
When you ship a car can you put stuff in it?
Does the company offer the services I need, such as door-to-door transport and expedited shipping?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that driving a car across the country will be less expensive than shipping it, but the reality looks very different when you factor in gas, hotels, food, and other expenses associated with cross-country road trips (plus the future cost of wear and tear).

Here at Near Movers, we make it easy by streamlining pickup and delivery, giving you around-the-clock updates on your vehicle, and handling the details so you can focus on getting settled in. To book your order, simply call the company you’ve chosen and ask to speak to an agent. Be sure to have your car’s relevant details on hand when you call.

Here are just a few reasons why Near Movers is widely considered to be the best auto transport company:

Personalized approach: At Near Movers, we work with you through every step of completing your auto transportation. Experience hassle-free shipping when you choose Near Movers and enjoy an easy and painless shipment process.

Custom Solutions for All Vehicles and Situations: Our dedication to truly serving our clients and providing them with a first-class auto transport experience is at the heart of everything we do and everything we stand for as a company.

We can handle any type of vehicle: Our focus on blending innovative logistic solutions and fastidious attention to detail with outstanding customer care has established Near Movers as industry leaders and groundbreakers in our field.

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