10 Reasons for Moving to Denver, CO

Even though many have written about the negative side of living in Denver Colorado or moving to Denver, let me tell you that it was hard to find the dark side of living in Denver. I mean, they, of course, have all the issues that other cities in the United States are going to have like crime, drugs, homeless but none of them are terribly bad compared to other parts.

Denver is one of the country’s finest cities, and I’m sure is not for everyone, in case you happen to disagree with me. If you are one of those rare individuals who disagree with this article, I’m sorry the mile-high-city hasn’t been kind to you.

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However, it is important to state the fact that Denver is one of the country’s most moved-to cities, most people love it. Moreover, Colorado is one of the country’s most moved to states. Here we’ll be listing ten reasons why you want to move to Denver.

10. Clean streets

As civilized humans, we have developed an ability to identify how dirty anything is. Thankfully Denver residents don’t have to worry about dirty streets filled with trash and leaves for most of the year. The streets of Denver have street sweepers from April to November.

During this time keep an eye up for street signs saying that you can’t park during certain days or times or you’ll get a big fat ticket. Nobody wants that!

Now is common in most cities to have street sweepers, I get it, I’ve been in most major cities and I can tell you that for some reason Denver seems to be cleaner. In my experience and according to other sources, Denver is one of the cleanest cities in the country.

9. Gambling

Colorado has some strict gambling laws, luckily 30 miles away from Denver is Black Hawk Central City where gambling is legal and they do full-size casinos, like real casinos, not watered-down versions that just have blackjack, Pai Gow, and poker. These are full-on casinos.

8. Craft beer

Are you not a fan of big brand beers? do like beer that has a taste and not just some watery version of an ale? Good news! If there’s one thing Colorado knows best, it’s beer. In fact, it knows it so well that Denver has become one of the top beer destinations in the entire country!

Denver has about 70 breweries and the beer economy is doing well for Denver. The mile-high city is right behind Portland, Oregon as far as the number of breweries. I would say that Denver has too many, but that’s almost like saying too much Christmas but still, I love craft beer and I prefer dark beer.

If you are in Denver, go to Hogshead Brewery and try the Imperial Stout if you like dark beer. I’m telling you it’s worth going out of your way for it.

7. Scenery

The mile-high city is a beautiful place to live. In the west, you’ve got breathtaking views of the mountains, such as Mount Evans, Grace Peak. Then, if you look to the east, you’ll be able to see Kansas and Nebraska.

6. Food Scene

Denver is the next big foodie city in the country, I promise you. I hate the word foodie but given the fact that over 400 restaurants and food trucks have opened since 2015.

Denver is a great place for people who don’t like tight-fitting, you’re chubby, you know what I mean. By the way, if you’re skinny and go to the gym, you might not have an idea of what I’m talking about. But again, you may gain some inches in Denver.

5. Education

Denver has a good public school system given that they rank at 80% college readiness which is substantially higher than other cities in the size. If you don’t know that’s how they grade high schools for the most part. Again, 80% is a really good number given that I’ve seen schools and school districts on the 30% neighborhood. When you have 30% college readiness, you have to wonder who is not doing their job.

4. Skiing

If you ski, snowboard, build a snowman, or just like riding on ski lifts, move to Denver. All of that stuff is just a short drive away. Winter Park is the longest-running ski resort in Colorado and it’s located just an hour outside of Denver, however, if you’re willing to take a little bit longer of a drive; Vail Mountain has over 5000 acres of skiable slopes. I mean, I really shouldn’t have to tell 90% of you that you could ski in Colorado. That’s common knowledge, but there’s always that 10% who is worth mentioning this for.

3. Jobs

Denver is a good place to go for a job, they have a lot of them. The city’s unemployment rate is extremely low at 2-3 % and the jobs actually pay pretty well.

The city’s average annual income is about fifty-three thousand which is higher than the national average. In addition to that, all the jobs are not seasonal, unless you live in a hillside hut in the Colorado outback and depend on skiing jobs.

2. Cannabis

Colorado became one of the first states to legalize cannabis, along with that, 35 000 residents have been employed and half a billion dollars has been generated in revenue with a large percentage of that going to school reconstruction. Of course, only about 13% of Denver residents actually use cannabis.

1. Outdoor recreation

Denver is one of the best cities for outdoor enthusiasts (another word I kind of dislike). However, besides a nice drive-in or some skiing; you could take a pedal boat across Smith Lake in Washington Park or hike the mile-high trail in a city park. There is an endless amount of activities to do in Denver while outdoors.

You get a heavy dose of sunbath and all the vitamin D you can handle, that is for sure.

Out of the 365 days of the year, the city gets about 300 sunny days. Summers are hot but they get very little humidity, so Denver is very tolerable during summer.

It wouldn’t hurt to wear sunblock in Denver if you happen to venture outdoors a lot.

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