Moving & Packing Tips That Will Make Your Life Much Easier

Are you interested in ways you can make moving easier and less stressful? Take some time out to familiarize yourself with these moving and packing tips that can set the tone for your move.

Moving isn’t going to be easy. But it doesn’t have to be miserable either. There are so many details to the moving process: hiring movers, making lists, and planning ahead, but having a plan will get you from the old home to the new home efficiently and easily. Well, if you are looking for some practical moving tips on how to make the job easier than ever, you’ve come to the right place.

What to Do Before You Pack

Preparing yourself as much as you can before your move will help make the process as seamless as possible. Prepping before you even start packing is the first step.

Gather Packing Supplies

It’s easier to gather packing materials early so you have everything you need once you’re ready to start packing. Supplies like packing tape, labels, and markers help organize and secure your boxes. Materials like packing paper, bubble wrap, blankets, and towels to help you protect your items.

Find Boxes for Packing

A lot of liquor stores, grocery stores, and other retailers usually have empty boxes they recycle. While this is an inexpensive and sometimes free way to find materials, these boxes aren’t the best option if you want to protect your items while moving. Another option could be hiring movers, we can pack your items are the best option for your breakable items.

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Organizing Your Boxes

If you’ve gathered a variety of boxes, you’ll want to make sure you have consistency. Similar shaped boxes are easier to pack and save space in your vehicles. Double-check that boxes aren’t torn, wet, or damaged so you have time to buy moving boxes or containers somewhere else if needed.

Clean & Declutter Your Home

Before you start packing every item in your house, see if there’s anything you don’t need. Clean your house and see if you have items you can throw out, donate, or do something else with. It’s easier to go through items before you pack rather than having unnecessary items to take with you on the move.

What to Do During Packing

moving tips

You’ve finished your packing prep and you’re ready to actually start moving! Read on for tips on how to make this sometimes daunting task a breeze.

Use Right Boxes

Use the right size boxes, things like books should always be packed in a smaller box, it is more efficient, less movement, and easier to lift and carry, it will make it easier.
You make it easier for the movers at the same time as anyone else who has to pick it up. You make sure everything heavy is in the right box and works perfectly.

Care For Your Fragile Items

It’s important to wrap fragile items like electronics, glass, art, and other valuables. If you have the original box that items came in, it’s the ideal way to move them. Or wrap breakables well in bubble wrap, paper towels, quilts, or blankets. Fragile items like dishes are best packed vertically.

Pack by Room

packing tips

Make sure you give each room a different packing color label, this will make it so much easier for movers if you hire them or family and friend members to deliver your stuff into each room the last thing you want to do is stress about where’s this box where are that box it should be labeled color-wise and at least room wise and you’ll have a flawless move.

Securing Your Boxes

Now is the time to put your supplies to use and secure your boxes with plenty of packing tape. You might need more sealing depending on how far your move is, but too much tape is never a bad thing. If you use a professional moving company, many moving companies will want to see how you packed your fragile or valuable items before you secure and seal the boxes.

What to Do Before You Move

Now that you’re packed up, you can focus on the move itself. We’ve gathered some moving tips for things you can do in advance to help make moving day as smooth as possible.

Keep Your Documentation Organized

Creating a dedicated folder for your moving paperwork keeps you organized. Putting reservations, checklists and receipts will prevent anything from getting lost.

Set the Date

If your move-in date is flexible, choose a day that works best for you and anybody who might be helping. If you need help from family and friends, let them know in plenty of time. If you’re hiring a moving company, weekday rates tend to be less expensive.

Map Your Route

If you’re renting a vehicle, map out your route to save time and money. Efficiency is key when it comes to moving. Even if you’re moving across town and you know the way, think of rush hour, traffic, or any other events going on.

Set Up Utilities

Setting up utilities, Wi-Fi, and other amenities before the move will ensure you’re all squared away and have heat and water the first day in your new place. Also, be sure to set a stop service day for any utilities at your old place so you’re not paying for services in a place you no longer live.

Pack a First Night Box

Pack an overnight bag with clothes, toiletries, and anything else you’d like to access on your first night at your new place. Games, movies, and disposable dining ware are also fun options. This eliminates having to go through different boxes after you’ve been moving all day. Now’s your time to relax!

Select Your Moving Services

Near Movers can help ease the burden of moving locally or across the country. We can customize your personal moving needs. Pick services you need and leave the rest to the professionals!

Full Packing Service

Our packing options are designed to be very flexible and accommodate our customers’ varying needs. Choose from a full packing service for your move.

Car Shipping

Near Movers can make sure your car meets you there! If you need your car transported to your new home as part of your move, we can help!

Storage Service

Whether your home is not yet ready for immediate move-in or if you simply need temporary storage, we offer short and long-term storage services as part of the move.

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