Choosing The Right Moving Company

When moving home it’s important to make the right decisions about choosing the right moving company, so before you pick a mover, you should be aware of what are you looking for in a moving company?, which moving service are you’re gonna need? and what would the right choice look like to you anyway? knowing these facts in advance will help you pick the right moving company to handle your belongings.

All the factors considered are highly significant for anyone moving, whether it is local moving or long-distance moving. Luckily, our review team has outlined some of the most important factors for you to consider when looking to hire a moving company.

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What is required of your long-distance mover?

You should first understand exactly what a long-distance move is, first of all, the name “long-distance move” can be misleading, for the most part, if you move to another state, regardless of the actual distance from the origin to destination, this will be a long-distance move at the same time, if you move within the same state but over 50 or 100 miles away depending on individual carriers the move will also be considered long-distance. The pricing for long-distance moves is determined by the weight of the shipment. Now that you know what a long-distance move entails.

Let’s discuss the licensure or insurance that long-distance movers are required to have. Any company handling a long-distance move must have a federal identification number known as a United States Department of Transportation number. The USDOT number is a way for the government to identify a particular carrier when collecting information from audits, compliance reviews, inspections, and other data sets, It is also used as a tool for enforcing and monitoring safety regulations. The USDOT number is so important that 28 states require all moving companies, local or long distance to carry one in addition to the Department of Transportation, long-distance movers must be registered with the FMCSA. This operating authority is more complex than the USDOT number and outlines the precise type of operations cargo regulations, and areas that a carrier can operate in The FMCSA also dictates the level of insurance a company must maintain. Keep note of this mandatory amount so you can compare numbers when you call the mover. You can also ask to see the company’s actual insurance certificates so you can get the most accurate comparisons. Now that you know how movers must be registered, check the FMCSA’s website to see if your moving company is registered Just make sure that the numbers on the truck match those found in the FMCSA system.

If they don’t, you might want to use a different company. It is a good idea to double-check that your mover can indeed transport your belongings to and from your desired locations. This way, your goods won’t be held hostage or stolen by an illegal mover. Some older long-distance carriers may also have an Interstate Commerce Commission Motor Carrier (ICC MC) number. Though the commission was abolished in 1995 many companies that have an older ICC MC number still display it next to their USDOT number. Though these numbers are no longer valid, they are the sign of a well-established moving company. These are the basics of the proper license and insurance for long-distance moving companies.

Moving Long Distance vs Local – The List Of Differences

  • You’ll Face Different Preparations
  • Long-Distance Move Takes More Time
  • Moving costs are different
  • Packing Is Different
  • You Can’t Move Long Distance On Your Own

As you can see, there is quite a bit of difference between these types of moves. We will explain each one in further detail.

You’ll Face Different Preparations

The first thing to know is that preparing for a long-distance move takes a considerable amount of time. It easily surpasses preparations for a local move by several magnitudes. First of all, you need to find a proper home, which is quite difficult if you can’t visit easily. Your preparations will also need to be more thorough, as there will be a lot more things to plan for.

Moving Long Distance vs Local – Long Distance Move Takes More Time

With more preparations in play, the time and effort required will skyrocket. It will not be anything that is not manageable, of course, but the process will tax you. Let’s say that you’ve done your scouting and you now know where your new home is. You need to hire a moving company next and you need to hire them well in advance if you want more time to choose the best option. A couple of months before is a good time to consider hiring your movers.

Another Difference Between Moving Long Distance vs Local – Moving Costs

Now we come to the real difference. If you moved before in your life, you know how expensive it is. Regardless of the fact that you are doing a DIY move or hiring a professional moving company, the costs will be significant. That means that you need to form a moving budget. Long-distance moves will require a much bigger budget than the local moves will. You also need to consider your movers, as well. You want to have a reliable moving company as your partner, especially in long-distance moves.

Packing Is Different

Another big difference is in the way you pack your things for relocation. When it comes to a local move, your items will be trucking only for a few hours, at most. But, long-distance moves will have your items traveling for days. And there lies the difference. With prolonged transportation comes a greater risk of damage to your items. Your packing materials may even wear and tear and expose your belongings to danger. Therefore, you need to use more packing materials for a long-distance move. You also need to pack your things even more carefully. The packing process itself is not really different, the only thing that is different is that you will need to pay more attention to it than normal.

Moving Long Distance vs Local – You Can’t Move Long Distance On Your Own

When it comes to local moves, oftentimes you can do them on your own. Simply pack everything up, load it into the car and transport them to your new home. You can make as many round trips as necessary because the distance is small, relatively speaking. You can even get a few friends or family members to help you with the move, making it even easier. But when it comes to long-distance moves, it is almost impossible to do so.

There will be no round trips this time, or those trips will be a considerable investment. You will need to spend a lot of money on gas, as well as your own time driving. That is why almost everyone comes to professional moving companies for their long-distance moves. It is simply too much for anyone to handle on its own. And when you consider the time investment, it may very well be cheaper to hire movers for these sorts of moves.

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